Develop a distinct logo for Nissan’s pilot subscription program SWITCH.


The team at Nissan also created this proposal of badges to promote their Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Project Background

Nissan SWITCH Overview

Nissan will be creating a pilot program to offer a vehicle subscription service

Nissan Switch will offer consumers a new way to engage with the Nissan brand and drive   Nissan vehicles

The market for the pilot will be in Houston, TX (Target Launch Date: June 1, 2019)

Nissan Switch will utilize the Clutch Technology platform for the activation app and customer service; Clutch is also used by BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, as well as their own service called “Clutch Atlanta”

Models in Switch Fleet: Rogue, Altima, Pathfinder, Frontier, LEAF, Maxima, Z, Titan, Murano, Armada


ACD: Kevin Growick, ACD: Norman Norori, ACD: Zachary Carlson, CD: Ross Goldstien, CW: Gwendolyn Wright, CW: Cooper Cruz, AD: Enrique Bosch, AD: Brittany Hubschman AD: Charlie Fuentes

Print Campaigns:

Print ad

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Out of Home

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Digital Assets:

Updated new year vehicle models for

Digital Banners: Partnerships, products, social posts, and programs.

Animated Digital Banners: Highlighting vehicle features.

Non-Traditional Dealership Activations

TITAN Dealer Activation Concepts

We will provide dealerships with designs for a truck wrap that they can have printed at a vendor of their choice. This truck will serve as the face of both the dealership and the brand. This hero TITAN can become a strong, recognizable symbol for positivity and charity in your community.

We will provide dealerships with designs for the different items in the activation kit that they can purchase and have printed at a vendor of their choice.


Branded Items

Nissan North America will provide items that dealerships can use for giveaways, or to sell as aftermarket items. Below are a few examples of these items.  

Dealerships should reach out to our three main partnerships to see how they can get involved with local chapters.


Nissan Titan vehicle wrap proposal.

Nissan Titan vehicle wrap execution.

Dealerships should also reach out to any new organizations and partnerships they’re currently involved in.