For years, cream cheese has served as the foundation for iconic All-American delicacies like bagels, lox, and cheesecake, making it an essential ingredient in countless beloved recipes.

However, overlooking one of the best-tasting combinations of all time would be a disservice. Conchita's Guava Paste, when paired with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, has captivated Hispanic households throughout the nation for decades.

Things get hot in the kitchen, when the two finally reunite. Here, the campaign evolves, into a celebratory stage where, "Everything is Everything!"

Finally we have the birth of their new product.

The offspring of Phil and Conchita. The Q3 campaign titled: "Happily Ever After."

As this campaign kicks off, we begin this collaboration with our damsel in destress, Conchita. Originally from Miami, who fled to Philadelphia in search of her long lost love, Phil (Philadelphia Cream Cheese).

"Donde esta Phil?"

It's time to tell this love story that has been kept secret for so long.

When Phil met Conchita.