Break for KitKat.

Kitkat, in collaboration, with Adidas will be creating branded Olympic apparel for athletes that are on the move or just taking a “break.”The new “Break Bits” will be provided throughout the Olympics village to fans and athletes alike.

Campaign Objective:

The campaign aims to introduce a new product under the KitKat brand that maintains its traditional characteristics except for the wafer and chocolate being separated, allowing consumers to snap, stack, and savor.

Target Audience (ages 18-30): Young, carefree adults.

Campaign Objective:

The brand is synonyms with the word, "break." Building on that strength, we want to leverage the brand as a sponsor/collaborator to this once in a lifetime event known as the 2024 Paris Olympics.

At the 2024 Olympics in Paris, breakdancing will achieve what no other dance sport has done before it: for the first time, B-boys and B-girls will be breaking for Olympic medals. This unique opportunity will allow KitKat to carve a distinctive niche in the market that no other competitor brand can ever achieve.

As an added deliverable, KitKat asked to expand this concept in collaboration with their sponsor, the NHL.