Step into a world where the art of coffee intertwines with the masterpieces of renowned artists. Julius Meiln, the esteemed coffee brand that has been crafting exceptional brews since 1862, proudly presents a campaign that pays homage to its rich history and elevates the coffee experience to new heights.


Drawing inspiration from the great masters of art, each ad in this captivating campaign captures the essence of a different artist's style, inviting museum-goers, travelers, and connoisseurs of the finer things in life to embark on a sensory journey through time.Transport yourself to Van Gogh's vibrant strokes, where Julius Meiln's coffee embodies the sunflowers' warmth and richness.

Julius Meiln has become synonymous with sophistication, capturing the hearts of those who seek the finest coffees and appreciate the artistry behind every brew.

Join us on this remarkable journey through art and flavor.

Curious to how this campaign would look out in public? ...Take a look at a few samples.