The "Legends of Flavor" campaign launches through Hispanic Heritage month. This campaign enforces the position of Chifles as the legendary (60 years in the making) snack brand. It is a symbol of Latin pride, culture, and culinary excellence.

By embracing the legacy of iconic figures, Chifles will forge a deeper connection with consumers and become more of an integral part of their cultural celebrations and everyday snacking experiences.

The QR code on printed cards or "Swipe Up" feature on social media,

both link to an exclusive on-line store showcasing Chifles curated clothing.

All in tribute to the "Legends of Flavor."


Limited Edition Packaging:

Design a special Hispanic Heritage edition Chifles packaging that showcases the iconic figures in the campaign. Each package can feature a different legend. Each limited edition bag will include a 1 of 30 "Legends of Flavor" collectible card.

Legends of Flavor

Discover the legacy,

indulge in greatness.